Clearing and forwarding is a process that involves the handling and management of goods that are being imported or exported from one country to another. The process involves the preparation and submission of documents required for customs clearance, payment of taxes and duties, and the transportation of the goods to their final destination.

Clearing refers to the process of obtaining customs clearance for imported or exported goods. It involves the submission of documents to the relevant customs authorities, such as invoices, bills of lading, and packing lists. The documents are reviewed by customs officials to ensure that the goods comply with all relevant regulations and that all taxes and duties are paid.

Forwarding, on the other hand, refers to the transportation of the goods from the port of entry to their final destination. This can involve arranging for the goods to be transported by land, sea, or air, as well as coordinating with carriers, freight forwarders, and other logistics providers to ensure that the goods are delivered on time and in good condition.

Clearing and forwarding agents are professionals who specialize in handling the logistics of import and export shipments. They have extensive knowledge of customs regulations, shipping procedures, and transport logistics, and they work closely with their clients to ensure that their shipments are cleared and delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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