Equirak Logistics Limited is a company founded in Kenya with the main purpose, of providing the very best in distribution solutions at the point of entry and into the domestic supply chain. We are experts in end-to-end national logistics services, warehousing services, Transportation, Imports and Exports and Clearing & Forwarding.

Our continuity to outpace the market ensures we provide the very best solution in our industry. The foundation of our success is an entrepreneurial approach empowering a highly skilled staff of supply chain and logistics professionals. Our management team is focused on providing our customers with the very best in class service and customer experience. With the continued growth of the market new needs arise thus we understand that creative solutions to traditional logistics needs are a primary factor in our success. We have learned that meeting customer demands in a timely fashion forms the basis of our “partnership” with our clients.

We are strategically positioned to ensure we provide the very best in class services, for our customers have come to expect from Equirak Logistics Limited. We have strong values and beliefs in training to our employees and continually expanding their skill sets, so we can better support our clients.

  • Our Mission is to provide unrivaled quality, guaranteed and timely delivery in our logistics service. That drives accelerated growth and with the greatest value to our customers.
  • Our Vision is to offer innovative global Logistics solution and trade facilitation