We are a flexible company that allows us to react quickly and effectively to the demands of a continuously changing market.

We share a forward-looking, entrepreneurial mindset that embraces new systems and technologies to produce creative solutions.

Excellence Customer Care
For this to be successful work our interactions with our clients is to ensure our employees adjust themselves to the personality of the customers and anticipate the client’s needs.

Guaranteed Delivery
As our slogan says We Promise, We Deliver! This is statement of commitment that we are certain that we shall make sure we delivery our customer goods promptly and safely.

We give back to the community
At Equirak Logistics Limited, we recognize the profound impact that businesses can have on society and the environment. We are committed to conducting our operations in a socially responsible and sustainable manner, striving for a positive influence on the communities in which we operate.

We engage in Eco Friendly Logistics 
By reducing waste, especially in packaging and recycling materials, companies significantly diminish their environmental footprint. Promoting alternative delivery methods and integrating them into the core logistics network is the future of our sustainable and eco-friendly operations.